Capital Area Board
CAB meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 8:00pm in the DC Eagle at 639 New York Avenue NW in Washington, DC.  It is an informal gathering of representatives of the motorcycle and leather/levi clubs in the Baltimore-Washington metro area.  Information is exchanged, calendars are coordinated and interclub events are proposed, discussed, and planned.
Other business is conducted as necessary.
Member Clubs
Centaur MC

P.O. Box 34061

Washington, DC  20043

Highwaymen TNT

PO Box 545

Washington, DC  20044

DC Bear Club

PO Box 75273

Washington, DC  20013

Potomac MC

PO Box 73266

Washington, DC  20056

DC Boys of Leather

PO Box 53286

Washington, DC  20009


PO Box 76240

Washington, DC 20013

Defenders - DC

PO Box 415

Lanham, MD  20703

Spartan MC

PO Box 1193

Washington, DC 20013